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  • When your child is facing challenges to their functioning and well-being,

    finding the right services and support can be overwhelming.

     If you have concerns about your child’s mental health and/or

    are interested in learning more about what help is available,

    Performcare 877-652-7624 or visit

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MRHS Goal & Misson


    MRHS Mission Statement

     Monmouth Regional High School creates an environment that values collaboration and emphasizes the equality of our diverse community. We have established and embraced a learning environment that readies students for a global, information-based society through academics, extracurricular opportunities, and community outreach.


    All members of the Monmouth Regional Learning Community will commit to:

    • Educating all children with respect, recognition, and appreciation of their individuality
    • Developing partnerships between administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students through effective communication among all stakeholders
    • Promoting student respect through valuing diversity; cultural backgrounds and customs; various ways of communicating; and acceptance of traditions and values.
    • Transforming students into critical thinkers who succeed individually, and as members of a team through use of diverse critical analysis.
    • Developing our students as lifelong learners with an emphasis on college, work, and life
    • Providing challenges through rigorous academics that provide students with opportunities for post-high school success
    • Effectively integrating technology as a tool of personal and communal betterment, and the development of 21st century competencies and digital citizenship

     Graduate Profile 

     A Monmouth Regional graduate will….

    • have a well-rounded education that prepares them to successfully transition and contribute to an ever-changing society
    • have the foundation to think critically and solve problems.
    • be able to communicate effectively and collaboratively.
    • make authentic connections between what they have learned and the wider world.
    • understand the importance of digital citizenship in becoming a socially responsible and personally accountable adult.
    • participate in civil discourse and the democratic process.
    • learn to utilize self-reflection as a means of personal growth.
    • be effective personal and global advocates.

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