• Our World Languages Teachers Are World Class

    World Languages


    To solve most of the major problems facing our country today-from wiping out terrorism to minimizing global environmental problems to eliminating the scourge of AIDS-will require every young person to learn more about their regions, cultures, and languages.” - Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell


    Did You Know??

    The World Languages Department offers courses in Spanish, French, and Latin. Our diverse population presents us with teachers and students who have lived and studied abroad these rich experiences serve to enhance our language program. Students have opportunities to expand their study of world languages beyond the state mandated year requirement. The department offers the following sequence of courses, including French and Spanish honors tracks:

    • French II, III, IV, and Advanced Placement French
    • Spanish II, III, IV, and Advanced Placement Spanish
    • Latin America, Project Acceleration for college credit with Seton Hall University
    • Latin II, III, and IV
    • English as a Second Language Program
    • American Sign Language

    Monmouth Regional High School ’s diverse ESL program is comprised of students from around the globe including Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Ghana. The primary goal is to build on students’ existing academic, social and cultural background to assist them in becoming proficient in English. Student enrolled in the program receive English language instruction in either beginning, intermediate, or advanced classes.

    Clubs and programs like the ones listed below offer student’s opportunities for involvement in service learning, authentic learning, interdisciplinary learning, and leadership development:

    • French Club
    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Latin Club
    • Spanish Club
    • Sign Language Club