• Schedule 2017-2018

    Period 1  Full Year Study Hall

    Period 2  Algebra 1

    Period 3  Consumer Mathematics

    Period 4/5  Lunch Duty/ISS Duty

    Period 6  Lunch

    Period 7/8  Algebra 1

    Period 9 Consumer Mathematics

    Period 10  Pre Algebra 


    Classroom Rules:

    Be respectful

    Be on time

    No hats or hoods

    Be prepared: 3 ring binder, folder, pencils



    Homework is due next day.  When absent have up to two days to complete missed assignments.

    Test corrections can be made up, if a failing grade.


    Grading Policy:

     All grades will be calculated on a point system.  The total points earned divided by the total actual points.

      Ex:   410/500=82%