Les Resources Utiles

  • Website Links

     Below you will find some useful links:


    Textbook Series: 

    Discovering French http://www.classzone.com/cz/find_book.htm?tmpState=NJ&disciplineSchool=wl_hs&state=NJ&x=32&y=26

    This is the link to the Discovering French Textbook series.  Make sure you click on your book level: Bleu (French 1), Blanc (French 2), Rouge (French 3).  On this website you find an online workbook and lesson quizzes to practice what you've learned as well as the option to make online flashcards to help you study. 


    Grammar Review: 

    Le Point du FLE http://www.lepointdufle.net/

    This website will help you review key Grammar points as well as some vocabulary.  When you first go to the site, you will choose apprendre (learn) in order to find these activities.  Look for activities with Observer, Ecouter, or Cliquer.  Grammaire will help with various grammar points.  Temps de l'indicatif will help with the different tenses.