• Class Expectations
    Ms. MacNeil Classroom Rules


    1.   RESPECT .  You will respect yourself, your classmates and your teacher.  No insults, rude comments or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.  Please be respectful to everyone around you.  Remember the old adage: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”


    2.  APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE .  Cursing, using slang or sexually inappropriate language is not accepted in the classroom- spoken or written.


    3 .  BE ON TIME .  You must be in your seat by the time the bell rings.  Repeated lates will result in teacher detentions and other disciplinary action.


    4.   COME PREPARED .  The teachers expect preparation and reserve the right to grade a student’s preparedness without notice—this will count as a classwork grade.

                Preparedness includes: having a pen or pencil, having your notebook and folder, having your appropriate textbook or handouts, and having your homework.



                The teachers use Genesis and a Website to announce weekly work, and students have access to these at home via the internet, so no late work is accepted. Students who anticipate their absence are responsible for getting work in BEFORE they leave.

                For every day a student’s work is late, they will lose 1 letter grade. After 5 days the work cannot earn above half credit.


    6.   NO EXCUSES .  We will not accept any work late because of “computer or printer problems”.  This includes major projects or papers.  The school has a Writing Drop-In Center which is open all day from 7am to 3pm.  The Media Center is open from 7am-3:40pm.  Both are staffed by teachers/librarians who can assist you with any problems. You can visit these computers before school, during lunch, during your study hall or after school.

    You will be provided with a bus pass for the 3:20 Late Bus by the librarian or attending teachers.  If you chose to stay after the 3:40 bus, you must arrange for transportation home.



                Students are expected to follow the MRHS Code of Conduct at all times.

                Students should raise their hands to talk and refrain from speaking over other students.

                Students are not allowed to eat after homeroom and will be asked to throw away any food items they have. Water is permitted provided the student keep their area neat.

                Students may NOT touch other students’ belongings or persons—violating this rule will result in a write up.

                Students who refuse to put away or give up their cell phone when directed will be given a detention for cell phone refusal, if they fail to come to detention they will receive a write up.

                Students who are visiting non-educational sites during the work period will be given a verbal warning, a teacher detention, and then will lose computer rights.


    8.   EXTRA HELP: The teachers are available for extra help after school—they will keep students aware of their availability but students are also responsible for scheduling when they will come for extra help.



    9.   RESPONSIBILITY.   We are trying to prepare you for the real world. All these rules are set up to help you learn accountability. Accountability is when you take responsibility for your own actions.  You now know the rules and are expected to follow them.  You are responsible for you.



                Genesis is a vital tool for your high school experience, it is kept updated with grades for students. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for checking Genesis (both parent and student) so you are kept aware.

                Teachers are required to keep websites with up to date information, you are responsible for


    We hope you enjoy your 2014-2015 year .


    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:





    **Spelling counts with the emails! Make sure you are spelling it correctly!**