Earn College Credit in Your High School English Class






    AP English Humanities A/B, AP English Composition, and Great Books (English IV Honors) are currently available for college credit from a nationally accredited four year university program. Seton Hall University offers three credits for AP Composition, three credits for Great Books and 6 credits for AP English Humanities. This credit is transferrable nationally through Seton Hall’s Project Acceleration Program. The current cost is $100.00 a credit. Registration is scheduled each September.



    The English and Social Studies departments collaborate in the instruction and design of this course which offers daily classes and a double AP grade multiplier. A hands–on approach merges knowledge from several fields of world culture: literature, history, philosophy, music and the arts of selected historical periods. Combined with the individual expertise of the social studies and English teachers, an interdisciplinary approach to culture is the goal. Students examine the context in which various works of literature were produced. As the year progresses, students will complete academic research including an annotated bibliography on a culture of their choice to successfully complete the course requirements. In addition, this course prepares students for the AP English Literature and Composition exam providing them with another way to earn college credit while in a high school classroom. All students are required to complete a summer reading assignment before the first day of school. Assignments are posted online.




    AP Composition provides a comprehensive study of the facets of written language. Students will acquire sophisticated writing skills while practicing analysis, synthesis and expository essays included in the AP English Language and Composition Exam. Students will also be instructed in strategies for success in the multiple-choice part of the exam. This course primarily uses non-fiction texts. The study of formal rhetoric provides a foundation and enhances the reading and writing skills of students. Anthologies of non-fiction essays provide varied models for writing and questions for close reading. A term paper based upon the analysis of a non-fiction text is required to complete the course. Credit will be awarded when this requirement is successfully completed. Students taking this course will be prepared to take the AP Language and Composition Exam in May. This provides these students with another way to earn college credits while in a high school classroom. All students are required to complete a summer reading assignment before the first day of school. Assignments are posted online.



    [GRADE 12]                                                  5 CR.

    Great Books is an Honors upper level course with the option for Seton Hall credit through Project Acceleration (earn 3 college credits!). This credit is transferable to other schools. Cost per credit is $100. Registration for this credit occurs in the fall semester. This is an Honors level English elective which focuses on introducing students to college level theoretical analysis of fiction including topics like Postcolonialism, Psychoanalysis, Marxism, New Historicism, Gender, and Multiculturalism. Students are invited to enter into collegiate academic discussion about these topics and will be asked to choose one as the focus of their research-driven paper. A passing research paper is required for credit in the course. Students will read a variety of poignant fictional works and will be asked to consider why they are called “Great”, titles include: Frankenstein, Brave New World, and Handmaid’s Tale (like the Hulu series!). Authors from the class include Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, William Shakespeare, Bharati Mukherjee, Sylvia Plath, Zora Neale Hurston and more! You get to read top critics like Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx. Perfect for students ready to really prep for college. Independent reading is required. Students should be organized, open-minded, and savvy with digital classrooms. All students are required to complete a summer reading assignment before the first day of school. Assignments are posted online.



    [GRADE 12]

    This course is an option for students who show ability and ambition to earn 6 college credits in their senior year of high school. This dual enrollment course achieves the mandatory 4th year of English for MRHS seniors as well as six college credits for completing two Brookdale courses. The class is a two-for-one class in which students earn 6 college credits for their 4th year of English. MRHS English staff with a Master’s degree and the approval of Brookdale Community College teach the class. Requirements for admission to this option for senior year is a passing score on the Brookdale Accuplacer Test. Students sit for the test at Monmouth Regional High School in the spring of their Junior year.


    Interested seniors will have the opportunity to enroll in a Brookdale dual enrollment course for English. Seniors who elect to take and successfully pass this course will earn 6 Brookdale English credits before they graduate high school. This is an opportunity for college bound seniors to sit for college level courses a year early. In addition to saving on college tuition costs and getting a jump start on Brookdale’s required courses, students will also be preparing themselves for an easier transition to the college after graduation. Senior study for this course combine the following two Brookdale English courses:


    ENGL 121- English Composition: The Writing Process

    Description: English 121 is an introductory writing course where students compose and revise narrative and expository essays and prepare the study of literature by using writing to analyze texts. Through a writers’ workshop approach, students explore the writing process, respond to a variety of texts and learn to communicate their ideas effectively and confidently in writing. ENGL 121 is a mandatory course for all students who attend Brookdale. MRHS students who pass ENGL 121 their senior year can then schedule for ENGL 122 when they start at Brookdale. (3 credits)


    ENGL 155-The Short Story

    Description: Students will read and discuss short stories drawn from the literature of many cultures and countries. They will analyze the stories for theme, form, relationship to their own lives and reflection of various cultures. The relevance of these short stories for the modern reader will be examined. ENGL 155 is a mandatory General Education requirement for any degree program at Brookdale.(3 credits)


    IMPORTANT: Interested candidates must submit a Dual Enrollment Application prior to the deadline and sit for the Accuplacer. Brookdale requires that only seniors who pass the Accuplacer be eligible for this Dual Enrollment opportunity. Please keep in mind that you are agreeing to one full year of TWO semesters, total 6 credits. Students are responsible for the cost of books and tuition for each of the 3 credit classes. Book prices will vary, but the current rate for three credits is $135.00. Students are required to pay $135.00 for tuition by the Fall deadline for the Fall semester class, and you need to pay $135.00 for tuition for the Spring semester class in December of senior year. At the end of the school year, students will have an official Brookdale Community


    College transcript with 6 earned credits. Students can choose to continue at Brookdale in the following year or apply to transfer these college credits at another college or university of their choosing. All students are required to complete a summer reading assignment before the first day of school. Assignments are posted online.