JOURNALISM (CCR) [GRADES 9,10,11,12]           5 CR.

    The primary objective for this course is to create a readable, interesting, student generated school newspaper. With   the guidance of a teacher facilitator, students are responsible for the supervision of staff reporters as well as editorial, layout and general composition of The Falconaire. Students will interact with student editors and create 8 issues of the school paper which is published in two ways, hard copy and word press website.  Additionally, students will be required to keep and submit a classroom portfolio that provides proof of the writing process as they write articles on news, features, sports and opinion stories. Students also design the layout in InDesign and Word Press as well as take photographs for the paper. This student-centered workshop requires the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively for the good of the team.


    JOURNALISM HONORS (Editorship)

    [GRADES 10, 11, 12]                                                        5 CR.

    Honors Journalism is designed to guide the student who has taken the prerequisite course into the realm of leadership. In the newsroom setup, the student is given a title of “Editor,” either a page editor or Editor In Chief and is housed within the regular journalism class. His/her role in the classroom dramatically increases from the previous experience in journalism. He/she will make decisions in all aspects of the Falconaire, hard copy and website, both of which are published at least eight times a year. Editors are responsible for knowing the Falconaire and the school on an intimate level: activities, sports, guest speakers and the concerns of students. Editors are also  responsible for guiding the writers, both in the class and in the club, in the researching, interviewing, archiving, and reflective processes. Editors will use the Associated Press Style Guide and will make content decisions that meet the legal requirements while providing a forum for the freedom of speech and expression. Prerequisites: Journalism portfolio B or higher, teacher/advisor interview.



    [GRADES 9, 10, 11, 12]                                                    5 CR.

    A mix of critical viewing and a/v  production enabling students to review current and important visual media such as films, webisodes, commercials, and music videos to emulate narrative conventions in video production using Adobe Creative Suite, cellphones, and emerging production media. Students have the opportunity to exhibit work through Film Festivals, MR News, and MRHS approved websites, and Teen Arts.



    [GRADES 10, 11, 12]                                                       5 CR.

    Advanced critical study combined with student centered projects that can encompass Capstone projects, school-wide and class projects, documentaries, short films, and MR News segments. Students have the opportunity to use production equipment including boom mics, Canon cameras, and Adobe Creative Suite. Exploration of film festivals, a/v production and public service, etc.  Differentiated instruction and production provided for students taking class for more than two years.  Opportunities to participate in Teen Arts and Garden State Film Festival.



    [GRADES 9,10,11,12 ]                                                      5 CR.

    This is a creative workshop class in which students discover their writerly style - in other words, their particular voice. They will work to refine the topics, styles, and genres which will best amplify that voice. Practice consists of creative journaling, memoir, creative nonfiction, fiction, screenplay, plays, and poetry. Students will develop a creative portfolio in which their work and work-in-progress will highlight their writing talent. Students will work alone or in groups, depending on the assignment. The only requirement for entree’ into class is a desire to write. Students will have the opportunity to be editors and publishers in the MRHS Literary Arts magazine, Images, which has published since 1964. (Students have access to Adobe Creative Suite, Word, and Celtx.com)



    [GRADES 9,10,11,12]                                                      5 CR

    Mindfulness is a nonjudgmental, moment by moment awareness of ourselves and the world around us. It other words, it involves paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and reactions as well as being mindful of the way our environment and choices affect our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. As a result, this class offers an in-depth study of the self through the reading of ancient philosophical texts and modern texts, the study of various documentaries/film, daily journaling, weekly meditation/yoga, lecture, discussion, projects and community service.