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  • Helpful tips from Mrs. Jarosz:

    • Talk about your feelings! There are no right or wrong feelings. Feelings are either comfortable or uncomfortable, and right now a lot of us may be feeling uncomfortable. That is ok! Talk about it with someone who is a good listener and if you can’t find someone then send me an email.
    • Focus on what you can control. You do have power in every situation and that power and control is what you choose to tell yourself. “I choose to just stay in bed today 😊, I choose to do my work and rest later, I choose to take care of myself today, etc..”
    • We all have an inner voice. Allow your voice to be kind, and stop being so hard on yourself. It’s just not worth it!
    • Spend time observing nature! Watch the clouds change shape, notice squirrels chasing each other. Nature is healing and its free. The simple things in life are often the most valuable.
    • Stay connected with others. Face time, group chat, call family friends and play games over the phone like 20 questions, etc…
    • Check out this website for some mindfulness tricks: https://www.mindful.org/mindfulness-meditation-anxiety/

    If you feel down and out, disconnected, or just uncomfortable I urge you to please reach out and do not isolate yourself. You can send me an email, reach out to your guidance counselors, talk to family, friends and if that doesn’t help then remember these helpful resources.

    • 2nd floor youth hotline: call 888-222-2228 anytime or text at 888-222-2228
    • Mobile response for immediate crisis intervention: 1-877- 652-7624
    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
    • NJ Mental Health Cares: call 1-866-202-HELP (4357) for free, confidential support.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous Online Intergroup: http://aa-intergroup.org/directory.php

      Cocaine Anonymous Online Meeting Directory: https://www.ca-online.org/

      Narcotics Anonymous Online Meeting Directory: https://www.na.org/

      In The Rooms – Global online community with over 500,000 members who share their strength and experience with one another daily through live meetings, discussion groups, and all the other tools: https://www.intherooms.com/home/

      WEconnect Health Management – Online recovery support groups available daily and open to anyone who is dealing with substance use, mental health concerns, disordered eating regardless of recovery pathway or status https://www.weconnectrecovery.com/ 


    Take care of yourself and be well!!

    Mrs. J.