• Celebrity Stories

    Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Bruce Springsteen, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Chrissy Teigen, Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson, Big Sean...all struggling with mental health issues ranging from alcohol/substance abuse to anxiety to depression to self-injurious behaviors and more!

    “I went through a whole self-harming phase — we don’t have to go into it. But the gist of it was, I felt like I deserved to be in pain.” - Billie Eilish

    “He told me various stories of doing it to himself when in pain and he couldn’t handle it anymore.” - Amber Heard said of Johnny Depp

    “I hurt my arms and legs as a cry for help and would throw up food as a way to cope with the pressures of life. It was a symptom of what was going on in my marriage.” - Princess Diana

    “I used to cut myself or jump out of airplanes, trying to find something new to push up against because sometimes everything else felt too easy. I was searching for something deeper, something more. I tried everything. I always felt caged, closed in, like I was punching at things that weren't there. I always had too much energy for the room I was in.” - Angelina Jolie


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