• The purpose of this Meaningful Music page is to highlight music in popular culture which either has a profound impact on people's mental health or was written about overcoming challenges with mental illness.  Many of the artists who we know and love are in a constant battle with their mental health...just like many of us!  It is normal to encounter challenges...AKA...IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY!

    If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, please reach out to the Mental Health Counselor, Student Assistance Counselor, your School Counselor, parent/guardian, or another trusted adult. 

    You are not alone!

  • Linkin Park "One More Light" is a song that can hit home for so many people, especially this year during a global pandemic that has taken so many lives.

    Originally the song was written in remembrance of a Warner Bros. Records employee of 25 years, Amy Zaret, who passed away quickly after her cancer diagnosis.  Mike Shinoda wrote the song with Eg White (who was personal friends with Amy).  Mike later explained in an interview that her passing was the only thing they could think about during that day, so they just had to sit down and write about it...it was a prime example of EMOTIONAL CATHARSIS.

    "The point of the song is that through something really, really traumatic…one of the most important things you can do is to let people know that you care."

    This was one of the most impactful songs the band has written to date; so impactful actually, that it even caused Linkin Park to name the entire album after that song...which has never happened.  Brad Delson explained that the decision to name the album "One More Light" was unanimous...which also never happens! Chester Bennington (who has since passed due to mental health challenges leading to death by suicide) went on to elaborate on those remarks, saying:

    "The lyrics are an example of what life is, which is a series of events that are challenging. The perspective was we're going to turn these ordeals into adventures. It just turned out that 'One More Light,' even though it was a difficult song and kind of the most emotionally heavy song, also had the most uplifting title in my opinion."


    If you or someone you know if struggling...THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE! CALL 800-273-8255 to speak to someone if you are concerned about your mental health.