Junior Planning Conferences - Class of 2022

  • Throughout the month of March, counselors will be holding conferences with their juniors to discuss graduation requirements, test scores, & post high school planning. Parents are invited to attend these meetings via Zoom. To sign up for a conference, please log into your parent portal account on Genesis, click on Conference and then click on Request a Conference. Please click on a date and time to book. Please know that appoximately 250 conferences will take place at this time. Due to the schedule, dates and times can not be changed. If you are unable to attend, the meeting will take place with your child. Conferences typically run 45 minutes.

    Below is the link for the interactive presentation that counselors will be going over. It is designed to operate similar to an app for a phone, complete with clickable links to outside resources, printable checklists, & more! Each circle is either linked to another page with information or an outside resource. To go back to the "home screen" menu, simply click the Home icon at the top right hand corner!

    Interactive Presentation → Junior Planning Conference App