• A part of completing the MRHS STEAM Academy is the participation in or completion of a Capstone Experience.  What the Capstone Experience looks like from student to student can vary widely depending on the interests and needs of individual students.  Some example Capstone Experiences have been internships/job shadowing, contest participation, project development, academic summer camps, STEAM-related event attendance, and self-initiated coursework.  However, the possibilities for one's Capstone Experience are only limited by your imagination.  New ideas are always welcome.  Your eventual Capstone Experience will be developed in conjunction with your STEAM Academy mentor and must be approved by the STEAM Academy Committee.  Additionally, upon completion of your experience, you will be asked to share your learning experience with the committee either in written and/or presentation form.  Please use the links on the left to view some opportunities.  


    Click here to listen to prior years' seniors discuss their Capstone Experiences