• Extracurricular attendance policy

    Students who are absent from school will not be permitted to attend or participate in school sponsored activities held the day or evening of the absence.  This would include field trips, dances,(including prom), concerts, plays, sporting events etc.  The only exception is absence due to approved trip/activity involvement as a representative of the school (conferences, field trips etc.) or planned , pre-approved college trips that cannot be re-scheduled.  Attendance on Friday is required for activities scheduled on Saturday or Sunday, unless pre-approved by the principal.  

    A student must be in attendance a full day on the day of activity or on Friday for a Saturday activity, and may not report later than 9:15 to be eligible to participate.  A student who has a Doctor's appointment after 9:15 MUST present a doctor's note upon returning to school to explain the lateness.    If you are not sure about the policy contact the attendance office or the Athletic Directors office prior to missing school or being late.