• As part of the English Department, I teach varied classes:

    Brookdale Dual Enrollment English - Senior English combined with two Brookdale accredited classes and earn 3 credits per 16 week class.  First half of year is Brookdale ENG 121 - 3 college credits and second half of year is Short Story 155 - 3 college credits.  Students will acrue 6 Brookdale credits.  (See Ms Amy Kelly, Head of Guidance for questions regarding taking this class.

    Video/Film Appreciation - 5 credit elective - Hybrid course mixing film study and film appreciation with film production and post production where students make a variety of projects from news articles to music videos, short narrative and documentary projects.  Students have the opportunity to enter video/film festivals and contests, display their work on the Monmouth Regional morning news, and on varied sites.

    Senior English - 5 credit course - Students read a variety of texts and participate in seminars, write short and longer essays as well as projects and presentations as part of their required Senior English experience.

    Literacy Coaching - As part of the Literacy Coaching team, I coach individual students, classes, and teachers on ELA standards to meet their goals to help achieve success.