• Monmouth Regional's Enterprise class computer network contains many features that surpass most small and medium sized companies. We have adapted to today's need be providing a safe environment in the school by adding additional layers of protection by keeping our network safe. Just about every staff member here at Monmouth Regional has a device issued to them that has interaction with our students so they can keep in contact and assist in any way to make their expierence here at Monmouth Regional more valuable. We have also offered every student a device so they have access to all of the district software available to them while they are in school or at home, no more having to wait to get access to the computer labs to do specific assignments. 

    General Network Specifications:
    Network Connectivity:
    • Redundant Ten Gigabit Fiber Optic Backbone.
    • Gigabit Managed Network Switches.
    • School wide Wireless Network 
    • A mixture of virtual, physical and cloud servers
    • Safari Montage Video on Demand server
    • Cloud based video streaming services
    • Access to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education
    • Dedicated backup servers
    • 20KV Symmetra PX UPS
    • Datacenter is tied into building generator for power backup
    Internet Connection:
    • 1 Gigabit connection
    Network Security:
    • Administrator determined user rights on each student workstation, restricting access to system configuration.
    • Firewall provides protection from external Internet sites from entering into the system.
    • Internet Filter provides protection against access to sites deemed inappropriate by the C.I.P.A.Law, Administration and the Board of Education.
    System Maintenance:
    • Three full time technicians maintain and support our network.
    • Centralized remote software distribution.
    • Automated help desk software to track problems.