The mission of the Monmouth Regional Special Services Department is to provide educational, emotional and behavioral services to special education students.  Monmouth Regional special educators develop active partnerships with all school personnel, students and the community. We will nurture and support individuals, while providing an educational foundation that enables students to have the ability to think, communicate, create and apply their learning experiences throughout their lifetime. 


    The department personnel includes psychologists, learning disability teacher consultants (LDTC), a social worker and related services providers.  The personnel are responsible for the identification, evaluation and the classification of students requiring a specialized educational plan.  This plan is called an individualized educational plan or IEP.  A student's IEP outlines the specific and individual supports the student needs in order to make educational progress.  It is the responsibility of the child study team or CST which consists of a psychologist, social worker and an LDTC to ensure that special education students receive the educational supports as outlined in their IEP.  These plans are updated annually or whenever it is deemed that a change in the educational program is required.  Our department is here to assist parents, students, school personnel and community members. 


    Corey McCook

    Director of Special Services

    (732) 542-1170 ext. 1103





      "We are all different.  There is no such thing as a standard or run of the mill human being, but we share the same human spirt."  Stephen Hawking

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