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    Welcome to the Weinheimer Media Center!

    The Media Center is a vital and growing part of the education experience. Conceived and built with the idea that Monmouth Regional High School would be a media-oriented school, the Media Center continues to provide the students and staff with a computerized first-class research facility.

    Students who wish to use the Internet for research must sign an "Acceptable Internet Use Policy" contract.  At least one parent or guardian must also sign this contract.

    Kathleen Mihalko, Media Center Supervisor, kmihalko@monmouthregional.net

    Elizabeth Kneute, Media Specialist, ekneute@monmouthregional.net - ext. 1138

     Tara Egan, Media Center Secretary, tegan@monmouthregional.net - ext. 1137 

    Contact Infromation:  Mediacenter@monmouthregional.net

    732-542-1170 x1137


  • Mission Statement

    The Weinheimer Media Center is a vital part of the education experience that utilizes technology to provide the means to focus on student centered-learning. The Media Center meets the needs of the students with different learning styles and prepares them for life in the 21st century. The Media Center follows the school philosophy of implementing, developing, learning and promoting critical thinking skills and the basics of information literacy from all types of formats. This includes the collaborative efforts of media specialists, administrators, teachers, parents and students as active participants in the educational process.