• Monmouth Regional's Enterprise class computer network contains many features that surpass most small and medium sized companies. Our 100+ Administrative computers provide access to electronic student records, payroll, and budget capabilities, as well as Internet access for all employees. Our 300+ student network machines provides all Monmouth Regional students with access to the Internet as well as the newest high tech software programs in our nine computer labs. Each faculty member and student has access to his/her own personal network account. Each user has their own network directory to save, store and retrieve files. By logging into any computer in the building, users are automatically given access to their folders and can work with them from any location. 

    General Network Specifications:
    Network Connectivity:
    • Redundant Ten Gigabit Fiber Optic Backbone.
    • Gigabit Managed Network Switches.
    • School wide Wireless Network 
    • 4 Domain Controllers
    • 4 VMWARE ESX Servers
    • Safari Montage Video on Demand server
    • 24 Terabyte iSCSI SAN
    • 2 File Servers
    • Media Center Server
    • Sharepoint Server
    • In House Mail Server, featuring faculty and staff web mail access.
    • Dedicated backup server
    • 20KV Symmetra PX UPS
    • Datacenter is tied into building generator for power backup
    • APC Precision Air Conditioner
    Internet Connection:
    • 500 Megabit Symmetrical EDI 
    Network Security:
    • Administrator determined user rights on each student workstation, restricting access to system configuration.
    • Firewall provides protection from external Internet sites from entering into the system.
    • Internet Filter provides protection against access to sites deemed inappropriate by the C.I.P.A.Law, Administration and the Board of Education.
    System Maintenance:
    • Three full time technicians maintain and support our network.
    • Centralized remote software distribution.
    • Automated help desk software to track problems.
    Here Is a General Breakdown of Our Computer Labs:
    Computer Aided Drafting Lab

    Our Computer aided design and drafting lab, contains Dell precision workstations, Each workstation is equipped with Autodesk Design Academy, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional. The lab also includes a professional Hewlett Packard plotter, Overhead LCD Projector with a Smart Board and 2 networked Laser/Ink Jet Printers by Hewlett-Packard. Students learn professional industrial drafting techniques, desktop publishing and real world computerized problem solving in the architectural field.

    Business Education Lab

    Our Business Education lab contains Dell workstations. This lab also has networked laser and color printers, and an Overhead LCD Projector. Students learn fundamental operational concepts, keyboarding/typing, word processing, and database/spreadsheet development.

    Video / Film and Robotics

    In our video / film classroom, students are able to produce, edit video movies using Adobe Premiere. These machines contain dual core Processors, 8GB of RAM and video capture devices. Our electronics classroom contains computers to aid in the design and programming of robotic modules.

    Computer Science Lab

    Our Computer Science Lab houses Lenovo workstations with Intel Dual Core processors, with 4 Gigabytes of RAM and 160 Gigabyte hard drives. Our students program in a variety of languages including Quick Basic, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, and C++. Senior students also have the opportunity to explorer computer science topics of their choice, including advance programming, and Advanced Web Page Development. Software includes Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, and Office 2016. The lab is also equipped with a Overhead LCD Projector, Interactive Whiteboard, Networked Laser printer and a scanner.

    105 Lab

    Monmouth Regional’s 105 Computer Lab features 28 Dell workstations, Overhead LCD Projector and Laser Printer. Teacher and Supervisors sign up for use of the room and provide the software they will be using.

    717 Lab

    The 717 lab features 20 Dell workstations, notebook computers. The Lab also contains a overhead LCD Projector and a networked laser printer. When the lab is not booked for classes. other classes may use it. Teacher and Supervisors sign up for use of the room and provide the software they will be using.

    Photography / Graphics Arts Lab

    Our Photography / Graphic Arts lab contains 20 Dell Precision workstations. Students create graphical images, professional publications, and industrial artwork using Adobe Creative Suite. The lab also features two color scanners, a networked laser printer, two networked photo quality InkJet printers, and a overhead LCD Projector.

    Media Center Lab

    Our Media Center lab contains Dell computers. They provide various resources including, Internet research as well as a place for our students to put the finishing touches on a report. The students also have access both a standard black and white as well as a color laser printer. Follett produces Destiny, our electronic card catalog software. There is also an overhead LCD projector available for use.

    Mobile Notebook Carts

    Our 16 mobile notebook carts allow our teaching staff to reserve a cart consisting of 20 - 30 computers. Multiple carts can be reserved to accommodate larger classes if the schedule permits. the computers can be used for internet research.

    Writing Lab 

    Our writing lab offer all Monmouth Regional students access to HP Chromebooks for writing, editing and drafting reports and term papers. The lab is connected to a networked laser printer. The drop in center is staffed before school and throughout the day.