Monmouth Regional High School Health Services

    Therese Cahill, RN 

    732-542-1170, extension 1132/1141

    Fax 732-544-1418



    NEW FORMS FOR ATHLETES!   Please click on athletic forms on this website or go to the athletics website.


    During the Summer - please bring all private physicals to the general office by July 31st





    All private physicals must be reviewed by our school physician at Monmouth Regional High School on the dates that he is here in the building.  All private physicals are to be here the day before our school physician is scheduled to be here at MRHS.

      NO private physicals are to be brought to our school doctor's office.


    The goal of the Health Office is to meet your child's needs if they become ill or injured.  We hope to provide a welcoming and healthy  experience at Monmouth Regional High School.  Please contact us if your child has a health concern or if you need help navigating the health care system.


    Emergency Contact Information:  In order to have the most current health information for your child, please fill out both sides of the Health Questionnaire and return it to the Health Office.


    Medication:  Any medication (including over the counter) must be kept in the Health Office.  Over the counter medication dosing is explained in the Health Questionnaire/Emergency Form.  Any other medications must be in the original container and be accompanied by a Medication Permission Form.


    Self-Administered Medications: If your child is using a self-administered inhaler or Epi-Pen, the Asthma Treatment Plan or Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan is required with the signatures of parent/guardian and physician.  Only Inhalers, Epi-Pens and Diabetic supplies can be self-carried.  If you have a child with diabetes, please complete the Diabetes Care Medical Management Form.  All forms are required to be updated annually.  Please be advised that if your child has signed up for a sport, they will be unable to participate until the appropriate forms have been received by the health office.


    Physical Exams: All first-year students and transfer students must have a physical exam on record in the Health Office.  You may go to your own health care provider or have the physical done at MRHS by our school physician.   Please email us to schedule an appointment for your child. 


    SPORTS PHYSICALS:  EACH student athlete who wishes to participate in a high school athletic team must have a physical exam within 365 days of the start of their sports season.  Physicals can be done by their private physician or they can have a physical at MRHS during the school year.  All physicals must be written on the state-mandated physical forms.  You can find these forms on this website or the Athletic dept. website.  Please email us if you would like to schedule a physical at MRHS during the school year.