• ANIMAL FRIENDLY ORGANIZATION - Aileen Evans Faculty Advisor

    We stand up for animals. We spread the word about kindness and compassion. It is our mission to build healthy relationships between people and animals. We oppose neglect, abuse or cruelty in any form.  We educate ourselves so we can educate others. {Specifically in the areas of care, adoption, spaying/neutering, and global animal rights issues} We work toward the day when all animals will be treated with dignity, care, and love. The AFO works closely with the Monmouth County SPCA, The Humane Society, Wag on Inn Rescue, and several organizations in the area and in other countries, like Puerto Rico's "SATOS."


    This club would provide Monmouth Regional High School students an opportunity to refine their academic and social skills and positively influence the community through the promotion of humane treatment of animals. Using materials and guidelines developed by the Humane Society of the United States and other reputable sources, students will thoroughly explore current issues of concern, becoming expert in areas such as:

    • Pet care
    • Wildlife
    • Farm animals
    • Animals in the entertainment industry
    • Research animals
    In addition to educating the general student population, community awareness will be advanced as students undertake projects to:
    • aid local shelters
    • promote kindness programs in the grammar and middle schools
    • disseminate information to the public at local events
    • network with other schools, legislators, and business leaders
    • endorse spay and neuter programs
    • teach responsible pet care
    • implement fundraisers for local and at times, global, shelters
    • organize letter writing and public speaking programs
    • create informational shadow boxes ad bulletin boards
    • attend potential trips in order to engage in first hand educational opportunities as they apply to the above bulleted information

    The AFO seeks to attract a large group of energetic and compassionate young adults bound together by a commitment to help animals. We hope to empower our membership with the realization that each of us can contribute to the welfare of those who cannot speak for themselves, to reach out in an effort to eradicate cruelty, to establish lasting friendships and to cultivate the habits of living disciplined and meaningful lives.