Degrees and Certifications:

BA, English & Secondary Education, TCNJ 2010 MA, English, TCNJ 2016

Mrs. Cara Donoghue

I have been a teacher at Monmouth Regional High School since 2011 (some of your older siblings may know me by my maiden name, MacNeil). I teach a variety of classes, normally Juniors and Seniors. I am really lucky to be able to teach several of the Dual Enrollment courses here at the high school. I did adjunct briefly at TCNJ and love bringing that experience to the students at MRHS. While we don't brag enough about it, our school offers more college credits to students than any of the neighboring ones! This is a great opportunity for students to leave high school with an advantage.

I completed my MA in English by focusing on Gender Roles in Shakespeare. I have a published short story called "Academy Seven" and am pursuing additional creative writing publications while maintaining a steady relationship with my alma mater The College of New Jersey. I was also published in the book "75 Years of Dick Grayson" where I got to debate what made a Robin the best Robin. In case you're wondering, yes, I did see whatever comic book movie just came to mind. I 100% have thoughts on it. I would be delighted to share them with you. My classroom is often decked out with "nerd attire" -- Batman, Mando, Shakespeare, LOTR, etc. I was given a PTSA grant in 2020 for Graphic Novel Sharing shelves for staff and students and am pleased to be able to help show these amazing stories to new people. I am a "teacher by day, Jedi by Knight" -- a full-time academic and also full time nerd, I enjoy and utilize a lot of modern media in my English classrooms. When I am not teaching I like spending time with my husband, our dog, and our tiny humans MacKenzie and Killian.


My room is safe place.


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We use Google Classroom for daily updates, lesson plans, and materials. Students are expected to be in the Classroom and checking their email regularly.