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    All course info is posted on our Google Classroom. Click the "Classwork" tab to view all lesson notes and assignments. If you do not have access to your class's Google Classroom, please email me at kbrown@monmouthregional.net

    It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. About Me: Since graduating from Rider University with a BA in Mathematics and Secondary Education in 2012, I've been wholeheartedly dedicated to teaching. I joined MRHS in 2017 and take pride in being a part of the falcon family. Back in high school, I loved Art, Math, and English, though I confess, writing wasn't my favorite! It was during those years that my dream of becoming a math teacher took shape after seeing friends and classmates struggle with math. My goal is to dispel the myth of not being a ‘math person’ and to foster confidence in all students in their math abilities.