Degrees and Certifications:

BArch Carnegie Mellon University Teacher of Physics Teacher of Technology Education

Sarah Mantz

Welcome back!

Whether you are in the building or virtual, it especially important this year to sign up for your Google Classrooms. Please see the codes below:

A1 Electronics I: nt3m5xj

A2 Electronics I: gsf6pho

A4 Robotics H: pfvpe7c

B2 Pre-Engineering: skvwsps

B2 Architecture H: ryc22hf (please also join Pre-Engineering)

B3 Electronics I: efpwlve

B4 Engineering Graphics II: psdkux7

Electronics II: zjbf66e (please also join the Electronics I Classroom for your block period)

Office Hours (Monday through Friday 1:30-2:40- except Mondays with faculty meetings) dszykrq