Welcome to the Monmouth Regional High School Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) web page.  The group consists of parents/guardians of special education students and is open to all members of the MRHS community that possess an interest in supporting students with disabilities.

    Special Education Parent Advisory Groups are required for all school districts in New Jersey. The purpose of these groups is to provide opportunities for parents and community members to offer input to their districts on critical issues. New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:14-1.2(h) states that:

    Each board of education shall ensure that a special education parent advisory group is in place in the district to provide input to the district on issues concerning students with disabilities.

    The Monmouth Regional High School District established the Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) as a forum for parents to provide input to the district regarding students with disabilities. We welcome the participation of all parents/guardians.


    SEPAG’s role: 

    ·        To provide direct input on the policies, programs, and practices that impact services and supports for students with disabilities.

    ·        To increase the involvement of families of children with special needs.

    ·        To advise on issues that affect the education, health and safety of students with special needs.


    Who Should Attend SEPAG Meetings?

    ·        Anyone with a student or students in MRHS with special needs.

    ·        Anyone with a student or students eligible for or receiving services under an IEP or 504 plan.


    What Happens at SEPAG Meetings?

    ·        Concerns related to a group of students are shared and discussed.

    ·        District Representatives will provide updates related to Special Services in the Monmouth Regional High School District and at the State and National             levels.

    ·        Parents will have adequate time to discuss issues among themselves and plan the agenda for the next meeting.

    ·        Speakers, other District Representatives, and Individual Staff members may be invited based upon the requests from the Members of the Council.




    Please note that SEPAG meetings are not the forum for a discussion about individual students or your child's IEP. Topics are limited to those that impact all students or a group of students. Additionally, these meetings are for parents only. It is not appropriate to have your child attend these meetings. 

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