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    In order to receive a diploma from MRHS a student must
    earn 120 credits in the following areas:
    • Four years of English including English I-IV
    • Four years of Health, Physical Education/Safety at
    least 3.75 credits per year in physical education, health
    and safety during each year of enrollment. Distributed at
    150 minutes per week.
    • Three years of Social Studies, including World History,
    U. S. I and II
    • Three years of Mathematics including Algebra I and
    • Three years of Science including Lab Biology, Lab
    Chemistry and/or Physics or Environmental Science,
    plus a third laboratory/inquiry based science
    • One year of World Language
    • One year of Visual and/or Performing Arts
    • One year of Practical Arts
    • 2.5 credits of Financial Literacy
    • 15 credits of Electives
    • State Testing or alternative graduation requirements
    as defined by the state. NOTE: These graduation
    requirements are the minimum needed for high school graduation and may not fulfill the requirements for ad-
    mission to 4 year colleges.