• What do I do if I’m absent from school?

    Have a parent call that day, and bring in a note the next day. If a medical situation, have your doctor write a note. Unexcused absences result in discipline.

    How can I keep track of my assignments in six or seven different subjects?

    Most teachers recommend that you keep an assignment book or a day planner. You can also ask that teachers put all assignments on the board, if they don’t already.

    How much homework will I have?

    Probably from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on your schedule.

    Where can I go to study?

    The media center is open to students before and after school, during study halls, and lunch. Otherwise, if you have a study hall, that may be a good place to get work done so you won’t have to take it home.

    What are teachers’ policies on getting to class late?

    Most teachers assign their own detentions for being late, which usually means entering the classroom after the bell rings.

    Will teachers accept work late?

    Some won’t, and some will with reduced credit. Be sure to ask your teacher if you are not clear on his or her policy.

    How much time is there for lunch?

    Twenty-four minutes. And be sure to check in to your class first if you have lunch before a class.

    What if I feel ill?

    Have a teacher write you a pass to the nurse.

    How do I get on the honor roll?

    All grades B or better. High honor role is all A’s or A+’s.

    What if I feel so ill I need to go home?

    The nurse will call and have someone pick you up.

    How can I see my guidance counselor?

    You can try to catch him or her between classes, but it’s best to make an appointment through homeroom.

    Is a field trip counted as an absence?

    Yes, but as an excused absence that does not count towards loss of credit. Teachers will just ask you to make up work, and in rare cases, ask you not to go.

    Can I Bring My Own Laptop, iPad or Android Tablet to School?

    ​Yes you can! The device must have a screen 7 inches or larger and be registered to be able to connect to the student WiFi network. Registration is before homeroom or after school only. Stop by the technology office located in the lower level of the media center with your device.