Independence Academy
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Independence Academy

  • Overview

    Independence Academy is the transition program at MRHS! We provide adult students age 18+ with personalized opportunities to:

    • increase independence in daily living skills 
    • develop workplace and employability skills
    • participate in volunteer and work experiences
    • transition from traditional schooling to a preparatory life skills program
    • becoming contributing and valued members of society

    Community Based Instruction (CBI)

    CBI provides students with hands-on learning in natural environments. Students visit a variety of places in the community daily to work on individualized goals. CBI is crucial for generalization of functional and daily living skills. CBI provides intensive and age-appropriate instruction in:

    • functional literacy
    • money math
    • social and interpersonal communication
    • recreation and leisure
    • community safety
    • personal management
    • transportation training
    • career exploration

    Work Based Learning (WBL)

    WBL consists of unpaid work experiences at local businesses to provide real world employment experiences for students. Students participate in a variety of WBL experiences to develop their employability skills in natural settings. Students complete tasks at their worksites weekly and are monitored by a transition coach, a worksite mentor, and the WBL coordinator. Each student has an individualized training plan to ensure success.

    WBL teaches work-readiness skills through:

    • job sampling
    • career exploration
    • development of work preferences
    • on-the-job training
    • providing meaningful and authentic work tasks at real businesses